This year will be remembered as a milestone in the Company's history and in the Brazilian amplifiers industry, as the jump to a new level of a project led by a family of musicians, which were able to gather their passion, talent and dedication to those of many equally talented Brazilians, in the pursue of a dream: to create amplifiers with soul, to be played by musicians.

The several and many times adverse economical moments the country went through since the decade of 80, when it was founded, were overcome with relentless dedication and constant self- overcoming, to keep the commitment of offering quality amps at affordable prices.

In a clever and intelligent insight, Meteoro understood the challenge posed by the opening of the Brazilian economy to the competition of foreign brands in the early 90's, as an opportunity for a step forward that could benefit both to the Company and the Brazilian consumer. Blessedly, this has come to be. In a nutshell, today Meteoro Amplifiers has become still more capable of granting the Brazilian consumer access to gear of still higher quality, in level with the taste of the majority (if not of all…) musical styles, at affordable conditions.

Without losing its focus in an internal market growingly faithful to the Meteoro brand, with access to our products through over 1600 Resellers, and keeping its products at the same price levels, Meteoro has culminated the steps started by the Board, which enabled it to be present today in 38 countries all over the world, and to conquer its International Certification, issued by the renowned company SGS GROUP-Société Générale de Surveillance (Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company), InMetro e CE, with tests performed by accredited institutes such as the INPE – Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (National Institute of Space Research), and by IPT – Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas (Institute of Technological Research).

The international recognition of the quality and safety of the products manufactured by Meteoro according to the highest standards, in a Brazilian plant by Brazilians – from Board to the factory floor - deep in love with what they do, is a more than earned gift. However, this most certainly will not divert Meteoro from its continuous quest for quality improvement and new challenges.

José Luiz Ferreira